5W-40 SL/CF Infinity Drive

▌5W-40 SL/CF Infinity Drive

XADO Atomic Oil

Synthetic easy-flowing top-grade motor oil. Contains atomic revitalizant.

Application temperature range
-30 °С─ +45 °С



• Perfectly suitable for modern multivalve turbocharged engines, including those with intercooling of forced air.

• Provides easy and smooth operation of gasoline, diesel and LPG engines while driving in town and on a highway, regardless of a season.

• Quickly reaches all lubrication points even at extremely low temperatures (up to –30° C).

• Due to the SAE 5W-40 synthetic viscosity, it maintains optimal oil pressure in all engine operation modes.

• Particularly aging-resistant and possesses stable viscosity properties of new synthetic oil within more than 15,000 km (9,000 miles) of run.

• Keeps the engine clean and protects it against corrosion.


Requirements and approvals

Meets the requirements of the following specifications:

SAE 5W-40


ACEA A3/B4​​




Meets the requirements of the manufacturer approvals:

VW 502.00/505.00​​


MB 229.3​​

BMW Longlife