Additives designed to increase octane and cetane rating of fuel
Fuel additives

▌Additives designed to increase octane and cetane rating of fuel

JET 100 Оctаne booster/Cetane booster JET 100 Octane booster / Cetane booster improves fuel combustion efficiency, increases engine power and its acceleration. For better results it is recommended to apply the product with every fueling.


Оctаne booster


• increases octane rating by 5-6 units*

• eliminates negative effect of low quality fuel application

• eliminates detonation and risk of surface ignition

• eliminates cold start problems

• reduces fuel consumption


Cetane booster


• increases cetane rating by 7 units, improves efficiency of fuel combustion and reduces its consumption

• decreases metal knocks caused by burning of lowquality diesel fuel

• stabilizes engine operation at idling and during operation

• makes engine start easy


*in case the fuel does not contain other additives for octane rating increase