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JET 100 Antigel/Aquastop

JET 100 Exhaust System Protection prevents choking of catalyst converter/particulate filter caused by deposits formed after usage of low-quality fuel. It ensures more complete combustion of fuel, increases its octane/cetane rating and engine power.



JET 100 Aquastop absorbs water condensate, defrosts ice crystals, and removes moisture with exhaust gases.



• improves fuel system operation in case moisture gets into the system

• protects parts of the fuel system against corrosion

• prevents icing of the fuel system



The product decreases pour point of summer fuel from -10°C to -22°C, winter fuel from -35°C to -47°C.



• prevents coalescence of paraffin crystals, safely disperses them throughout all fuel volume

• improves fuel pumpability, prevents filter clogging

• guarantees easy engine start at low temperatures

++application of this product in summer time ensures fuel economy up to 2%