Supercomplex of fuel additives “On the road” 5 in 1
Fuel additives

▌Supercomplex of fuel additives “On the road” 5 in 1

JET 100 Ultra

The most effective product in JET 100 series.

JET 100 Ultra is the innovative solution for absolute protection of a fuel system. It is recommended to keep JET 100 Ultra always in your car and apply it in the event f accidental low-quality fueling. It contains a complex of effective fuel additives to reliably and safely reduce negative effects caused by lowquality fuel.



• improves fuel quality up to Euro 5 standard

• cleans efficiently all fuel system components

• boosts engine power

• increases energy conversion of fuel and contributes to its economy

• cleans a fuel system from moisture, improves lowtemperature properties of diesel fuel

• increases octane/cetane rating


Additional benefits

++“5 in 1” formula. Combines and exceeds in efficiency the following parameters: Euro 5, Energy, Octane/ Cetane Booster, “Protection of catalyst  converter/ particulate filter”, Cleaner

++protects fuel system against frost penetration (Antigel/Aquastop)

++saves fuel considerably due to its improved quality