Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

▌Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

Antismoke additive with the revitalizant.

Oil pressure restorer.

A fully synthetic product that is represented by the polymer thickener, which increases viscosity of oil. Contains revitalizant. The product is compatible with all types of motor oil. Safe for turbocharging assemblies. Applied both in gasoline and diesel engines.

1 Increases pressure in the
lubrication system

2 Decreases oil consumption and engine smoking




• Increases pressure in the oil system

• Reduces oil consumption through burning and engine smoking.

• Increases viscosity of oil.

• Prevents the engine wear in the future.

• Efficient for the internal combustion engines with high wear rate.



Introduce the product, warmed up to the temperature of +25...30 °C, into the oli filler neck of the engine, warmed up to the working temperature. Provide idle engine operation during 2–3 minutes. Drive the automobile in normal operation mode. Onetime application is recommended for the whole serfice life of the oil.



1 can (250 ml) for 4–5 L of motor oil