Atomex F8 Complex Formula

▌Atomex F8 Complex Formula

Complex of additives for protection of the fuel system against low-quality fuel. Contains revitalizant. 

Atomex F8 Complex Formula® is an uncompromising solution for absolute protection of the engine fuel system. The unique formula of the compound efficiently eliminates all negative factors of using low-quality fuel. It ensures optimal conditions for operation of the engine and its fuel system even in case of fueling with inferior fuel (eventual fueling with counterfeit fuel).

For gasoline, LPG and diesel engines

1 Reliably protects against adulterated fuel

2 Revitalizant builds an antiwear coating




• Brings characteristics of inferior fuel up to the level of leading brands.

• Provides operation of the engine like on sports gasoline if standard fuel is used.

• Eliminates all negative factors of using inferior fuel.

• Due to the revitalizant, it increases operation reliability and extends the service life of system elements.



Introduce the compound into the fuel tank before fueling.



1 can (250 ml) for 40–60 L of fuel