XADO 1 Stage Transmission

XADO 1 Stage Transmission

Gel-Revitalizant for manual transmissions

The product is designed for repair, restoration and antiwear protection and life span extension of units and assemblies of manual transmissions of a vehicle: manual and robotized gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials.



• Restores friction surfaces, protects and strengthens them.

• Forms a ceramic-metal coating with unique properties on surfaces of toothed gears and bearings.

• Eliminates cavities and scratches on operating surfaces.

• Optimizes contact patterns in engagements.

• Reduces noise and vibration of units.

• Increases gear shifting accuracy.

• Improves operation of synchronizers.

• Provides fuel economy.

• Protects the unit under extreme conditions (in case of catastrophic oil loss).

• Ensures optimal conditions for break-in of a new mechanism.



1. Introduce the compound into the oil-filler neck (opening of the dipstick) of the gearbox mechanism warmed up to the operating temperature.

2. Provide idling of the mechanism or drive the car for 3–5 minutes. The treatment is considered complete after at least 1,000 km (600 miles) of run.



The product is effective for transmission units with the oil system capacity of 3 to 4 L.