Atomex 2X Esters & Revitalizant

▌Atomex 2X Esters & Revitalizant

A motor oil additive designed to improve lubricating and protective properties of oil. Contains esters (compound ethers) and revitalizant.

1 Excellent easy glide of friction parts 2 Creates an antiwear ceramic-metal coating



• Improves lubricating properties of oil due to formation of a particularly durable lubricating film with perfectly light sliding.

• Due to the revitalizant, a wear-resistant ceramicmetal coating is built on the friction surfaces of parts.

• Restores working surfaces and compensates their ongoing wear



Introduce the compound into the oil-filler neck of the standing engine warmed up to the operating temperature. Let the engine idle during 2–3 minutes.



1 can (250 ml) for 4–5 L of motor oil